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shetland sheepdog video

The Loyal Sheltie

Despite being considered a “miniature collie”, the loyal Shetland Sheepdog is a breed all of its own. Check out this informative video from Animal Planet on Shetland Sheepdogs! Do you own a Sheltie?

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Practice Makes Perfect

It might just be a toy pig, but they’ve got to start somewhere … and practice makes perfect, right? Watch as these absolutely adorable Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppies trust their instincts and work together in their first “herding” experience. This tiny…

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bearded collie

The Bouncing Beardie

The Bearded Collie may have earned its nickname “bouncing Beardie” because the dogs would work in thick underbrush on hillsides; they would bounce to catch sight of the sheep. Beardies also have a characteristic way of facing a stubborn ewe,…

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Legendary Loyalty

Learn a bit of loyalty history … The Amazing Loyalty of Guardian and Herding Breeds   Article from: CANIDAE Natural Pet Food Company Blog Featured Photo by Don DeBold

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8 Funny German Shepherd Videos

I love the Shepherd who “wants to go outside” … and the Shepherd who doesn’t want to share with the baby.  Have a good laugh with this video.   Video from: World’s Fuzziest Videos

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