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Belgian Malinois vs. Playful Feline

Belgian Malinois and Cat Playing Together in Video

Herding breed dogs are known for their intelligence, strength and commanding abilities. They're also extremely loving, loyal and playful animals that enjoy a friendly game of chasing the cat.

Watch this video to add some Awwww-dorable to your day, then head on over to our forums to tell us about your herding breed dog's playful and loving moments with other animals. <3

**Please note this is a music video, so keep your sound at an appropriate level for your surroundings (or headphones). Enjoy the video and the music!

Video from the YouTube page of: Bearmeister77
Uploaded on Dec 16, 2006, "Our RSPCA adopted kitten and Belgian Shepherd malinois dogs playing together.. Ok, mostly the kitten getting stuck into the dogs :)"


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