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Meet Eva Raczka

eva raczka

Eva Raczka is the owner and head trainer at Central Bark Canine Events in Syracuse, NY. She has a Bachelors in Food Science from Cornell University, a Masters degree in Business and has worked in the food industry as a Quality Manager, Product Developer and Technical Advisor. She left her "day job" to instruct and train teams full time at Central Bark and is extremely excited to share her knowledge with members of the Guild of Shepherds & Collies.

Since the age of eight, she has been involved with dog sports and has trained and titled dogs in Obedience, Rally, Agility, Herding, Barn Hunt and more. Eva is especially passionate about all the new, exciting canine performance events available today, as there is a sport for every team and every dog. Learning and training in a dog sport can build a canine/human relationship like nothing else can.

Eva utilizes her diverse training to teach teams for canine performance sports and loves developing drills, which help improve and grow teams. She has introduced over 500 dogs and their owners to Barn Hunt through seminars, clinics, workshops, classes, lessons and more. Eva has personally been very successful in Barn Hunt, having won high scoring awards at every class level of Barn Hunt, as well as being a Barn Hunt Judge. Eva and her Tervuren, named “Pi”, were Gold Medalists in Versatility and Bronze Medalists in Games at the BHA National ‘15 as well as attaining the award of first RATCHX Tervuren in history.

In addition to Barn Hunt, Eva is developing and growing Canine Scentwork and Herding in her area through Central Bark Canine Events. She hopes to offer lots of development and training opportunities in hard to find performance events, while utilizing her many experiences to offer new perspectives. Her passion is promoting and teaching hard to find dog sports to eager teams. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing excited dogs and their people find a sport they both love!

When not training people and their dogs, Eva enjoys horseback riding, kayaking, fly fishing and heirloom vegetable gardening. She still explores food development in her own home by making her own bread, beer and homemade salsa. She lives with her husband and five dogs on an 80 acre farm in Central NY.

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