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travel etiquette

6 Travel Etiquette Tips for Dog Owners

Travel Etiquette Speaks Volumes for Dog Owners At some point you will need to travel with your dog. You may be heading out to a canine event or taking a family vacation with Fido. Your behavior and etiquette at hotels,…

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Vacationing With Your Herding Dog

Vacationing With Your Herding Dog Is Easy! The phrase “The dog is man’s best friend” was popularized by beloved American poet, Ogden Nash, in his poem, ‘An Introduction to Dogs’. That statement rings so true when you share your heart…

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Stress, Aggression, and Your Dog

Is Stress Getting to Your Furry Friend? Here’s How You Can Ease Some Tension. Stress affects everyone, including our dogs. It sucks, it doesn’t feel good, and it creates negative feelings. So, if you could prevent stress towards your dog,…

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Corgis Join Police Force

Corgis Join Police Force

Corgis Join Police Force?! Discover Why This Herding Breed is the Perfect New Hire.  Europe has a new form of Corgi enthusiast, and this time they aren’t wearing crowns! Last week, Russian Police Forces announced that they have been training…

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K9 heroes

Remembering Our K9 Heroes Who Serve

Remembering Our K9 Heroes Who Serve Hearing about someone who has died in the line of duty, whether a Police Officer or a member of our Nation’s military, evokes a feeling unlike any other. The occasion is solemn and touching…

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barn hunt

Have You Herd About Barn Hunt?

Understanding, Training a Herding Breed Dog in Barn Hunt So you want to Barn Hunt with your herding breed dog. What should you know about playing Barn Hunt with a herding breed? What makes them different than other groups? How…

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handicapped canine

Reality Check: Life With a Handicapped Canine

These Animals Prove They’re Anything But Handicapped The definition of a ‘special needs’ or ‘handicapped’ pet is changing for the better thanks to an increase in awareness and support. In this article, you’ll get a loving reality check from various…

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