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Corgis Join Police Force

Corgis Join Police Force?! Discover Why This Herding Breed is the Perfect New Hire. 

Corgis Join Police Force

Europe has a new form of Corgi enthusiast, and this time they aren’t wearing crowns! Last week, Russian Police Forces announced that they have been training two Welsh Corgi puppies for a new form of service dog. Corgis join police force

That’s right! Our short-legged herding dog friends are making a comeback as service dogs. Her Majesty, the Queen of England, must be so pleased to hear that her favorite breed will be getting some positive press in Europe. Especially after the announcement that the breed was was considered “vulnerable” by the Britain Kennel Club in late 2013.

As it turns out, Corgis will be returning to some old job skills. A few months ago, we shared a story about the Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s previous service as service dogs prior to organizations making the switch to Labrador and Golden Retriever service dogs.

While Corgis became a dog of the past for some service dog organizations, they do serve as hearing dogs for many people around the world. However, their new job with the Russian Police Force is different.

The Russian Police Force will be using Corgis specifically to search for illegal substances in tight spaces. Right now, most police forces around the world use German Shepherds or Belgian Malinois as their go-to dog for protecting the people, due to their high level of intelligence, trainability, and athleticism. However, the Corgi’s shape and overall “stealthy” nature will allow them more access to locate illegal substances as compared to current breeds.

Corgi experts also believe that the Corgi’s intelligence and excellent sense of smell will make them great at their new job. Not to mention their ability to pick up scents from the ground due to their general proximity.

While the internet is buzzing about the possibility of seeing more Corgis in Moscow, representatives from the Russian Police Force want to make it clear that the addition to their K-9 unit is still in a test phase. All puppies in the program still need to grow and pass all tests before they will be on active duty.

Corgi enthusiasts around the world are asking themselves one question: will the Russian Police Force be using Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh Corgis? The answer, for now, is unclear.

We will just have to wait to find out which adorable breed makes their debut this year!

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