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You’ll Never Guess These Famous Corgi Parents

As a Corgi parent, you encounter many people on the street who have one of two reactions to your dog: 1) awww…it’s a Corgi!! or 2) What happened to your dog’s legs? No matter the initial reaction, there is one thing that most people know about Corgis... the Queen of England has Corgis. While I thank Queen Elizabeth for her Corgi enthusiasm, as I ,too, share her interest, I would like to take the time to highlight other famous Corgi parents for a change.

1) Stephen King

In December 2014, Stephen King brought a Pembroke Welsh Corgi into his home, and she has been stealing hearts on his Twitter page ever since. He calls her, “Molly”, aka “The Thing of Evil”, (because, of course, he is the ruler of horror literature) and shares her life story one tweet at a time. Just to prove that Stephen King cannot be persuaded by internet popularity, I should mention this is not King’s first Corgi. He actually had a Corgi named “Marlowe” back in the early 90’s.  

2) California Governor, Jerry Brown

Jerry Brown’s two Pembroke Welsh Corgis are so popular that they each have their own Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as a page on his official Governor website! Sutter Brown is 12 years old and was adopted by the Governor and First Lady in 2010. According to the Governor’s website, he is most fond of belly rubs and walks in the park. Colusa (aka Lucy), a Border Collie-Corgi mix, is the newest addition to the Brown family. She was first introduced to the state of California in May 2015 and is sure to stay on top of her herding duties at the State Capitol.

3) Alton Brown

Alton Brown, the well-known author and Food Network Star, has two Cardigan Welsh Corgis: Daisy and Sparky. According to an interview Alton Brown conducted with Fetch! Magazine, Sparky is quite the food enthusiast as well. As a matter of fact, Sparky has landed in the emergency room for being a little too enthusiastic over some treats he found in Alton’s briefcase. Luckily, it seems Alton is well versed in the toxicity avoidance protocol and has taken many precautions to take care of his beloved Corgis.

In addition to the occasional adventure, Sparky and Daisy enjoy going to work with Alton every day, playing ball outside, and of course, a pancake on Saturdays.


It seems that no matter who you are, your heart can be captured by a Corgi 🙂

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Rachel Sheppard
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