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Is Corgi Popularity Declining?

corgi popularity


Corgi Popularity Might Be at Risk

According to some reports, Corgi popularity show a decline, but in my daily life, Corgi's are still a top herding breed.

I love having a Pembroke Welsh Corgi! Not only are they an amazing breed, but I also enjoy the Corgi community. It’s also fun to hear people shout out “Corgi!!” when I’m taking Rooney for a walk. In the Bay Area, being a Corgi parent = popularity! People ask me what breed he is and often, they ask where the rest of his legs went. Many people even like to take photos of Rooney. 

Not to mention, there are Corgis all over the internet. Thanks to the many Corgi Instagram accounts and the popular news site Buzzfeed, who posted articles like This Corgi and Baby Are Best Friends and It’s Ridiculously Cute.  

The seemingly increasing popularity of Corgis made it really hard to believe reports stating that Pembroke Welsh Corgis were a vulnerable breed in the UK. Despite iconic success as the Queen’s breed in the United Kingdom, the Corgi had reached a record low number of registrations in 2014, according to the British Kennel Club.

According to reports, many people believed that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi was a declining breed among the younger generation, which was leading to a decline in their popularity.

While many people were running up to me concerned that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi would continue to decline in popularly, I wasn’t worried. All I knew was that I follow more Corgis than people on social media, and I thought Corgi pet parents in the United States would continue to keep one of the most popular American breeds top of mind for many people.

Despite my confidence regarding the Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s popularity in the United States, I couldn’t speak to the breed’s status in the UK. That’s why I was delighted to learn that Pembroke Welsh Corgi parents have stepped up to the plate.

Almost exactly one year after the lowest point in 2014, reports surfaced stating the Pembroke Welsh Corgi's revival in the UK. In 2015, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi registrations increased by 34% bringing the breed back up from the Vulnerable List to the “At Watch” list for the British Kennel Club.

Now all we have to do is have some of those Corgis create their own Instagram accounts!

Do you think Corgis will continue to thrive as a breed?

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