Guild of Shepherds & Collies

Hydration Hints for Hot Weather

It’s Hot! Check Out These Hydration Hints for Your Herding Dog With hot weather here, it is very important to stay on top of your herding dog’s hydration status. Dogs can only deal with hot weather by sweating via their…

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prepare your herding dog for fireworks

How to Prepare Your Herding Dog for Fireworks

  Do You Know How to Prepare Your Herding Dog for Fireworks? We’ll Help You! Colors splashing across the sky. Pops, crackles, and whistling filling our ears. Sharp scents of smoke wisping down to earth. For us humans, fireworks represent a…

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lost at sea

German Shepherd Survives 5 Weeks Lost at Sea

Lost at Sea … Earlier this week we shared Don’t Get Lost, Get Microchipped, which featured the story of a German Shepherd Dog who was lost at sea for five weeks. Below is the news story on her disappearance, the search…

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get microchipped

Don’t Get Lost, Get Microchipped

  Why Should My Dog Get Microchipped? Sadly, dogs get lost. I remember when I was about six years old, our Chow Chow ran away during the 4th of July while our aunt was house-sitting. We looked for him everywhere!…

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habits to avoid

3 Bad Herding Habits to Avoid

Three Bad Habits to Avoid if you Want to Try Herding Someday So you want to herd with your dog someday? You’ll want to be sure you and your dog are not developing any naughty habits or mindsets that might…

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