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handicapped canine

Reality Check: Life With a Handicapped Canine

These Animals Prove They’re Anything But Handicapped The definition of a ‘special needs’ or ‘handicapped’ pet is changing for the better thanks to an increase in awareness and support. In this article, you’ll get a loving reality check from various…

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hazardous dog toys toxic

Go Green: Ditch Those Hazardous Dog Toys

  Ditch Hazardous Dog Toys with Safer, Healthier, Eco-friendly Alternatives Tossing balls and toys to my Shepherd after a hard day’s work is a great stress reliever for both of us. But until recently, I didn’t know that the toys…

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winter warm-ups

Easy Winter Warm-Ups to Avoid Injuries

Not all dogs love winter, but if you’re owned by a herding breed, you know that they don’t let cold days stop them from doing their jobs. But just because their thick double coats and hearty attitude keeps them romping…

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The Risks of Tethering

NOTE: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not necessarily represent those of The Guild of Shepherds & Collies. We do not take an official stance on tethering one way or the other. Feel…

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Mush On! Shepherds Take the Reins

Mush On with GSDs When you think of sled (or mush) dogs, do you picture a team of happy Huskies running like the wind on a clear snowy day? Of course you do! After all, sledding is why the Alaskan…

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