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lost at sea

German Shepherd Survives 5 Weeks Lost at Sea

Lost at Sea … Earlier this week we shared Don’t Get Lost, Get Microchipped, which featured the story of a German Shepherd Dog who was lost at sea for five weeks. Below is the news story on her disappearance, the search…

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border collies

10 Hysterical Border Collies

We just couldn’t stop laughing at these amazingly intelligent herding breed dogs acting just plain goofy. In this video, you’ll see ten hysterical Border Collies that are sure to brighten your day. Enjoy! YouTube Video from: World’s Fuzziest Videos

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Herding Breeds Among Top 10 Smartest

This wildly fun video shows the top 10 smartest dog breeds, with several herding breeds making the list! Watch for your favorite as you jam to the music and learn about each breed. Video from: YouTube

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agility champion

Agility Champion: A Border Collie Named Tex

Watch Tex Become the 2015 Agility Champion Tex, a Border Collie from New Jersey, took home the 2015 Westminster Agility Champion title. Watch as he speeds through the course with ease and his handler’s joyous reaction at the end. Video…

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airport runway

Border Collie K-9 Protects Airport Runway

Wildlife Control K-9 Protects Airport Runway from Birds Piper, a Border Collie K-9 from Michigan, proudly protects airport runways at Traverse City Airport (Cherry Capital Airport) by ensuring they are free from birds, which can become a threat to pilots during…

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belgian malinois cat video

Belgian Malinois vs. Playful Feline

Belgian Malinois and Cat Playing Together in Video Herding breed dogs are known for their intelligence, strength and commanding abilities. They’re also extremely loving, loyal and playful animals that enjoy a friendly game of chasing the cat. Watch this video…

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35 Corgis to Make Your Heart Melt

We fell in love with this video – full of Corgi Awesomeness! They are small and adorable, but they are intelligent herding breed dogs that will train hard, work hard and love hard! Tell us about your Corgi in our…

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