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Border Collie Rises Above and Enjoys Life

Roosevelt, a Border Collie born in 2009, was born with malformed front paws which are unusable and a crooked spine, but that didn't stop him from living life to its fullest. Roosevelt enjoyed skiing and playing in the snow each winter thanks to his customized wheels (Eddie's Wheels) and skis. Life may not have always been easy, but this Border Collie rose above and enjoyed every possible moment given to him - a lesson we can all learn.

Not only do we find this video adorable (dogs playing in snow!), but we find it heartwarming, encouraging and full of strength. This is video of Roosevelt hitting the slopes on New Year's Eve (2015/16) - he looks like he's having a blast!


Learn More on his Facebook Page: Roosevelt the Border Collie

Video from Stephanie Fox's YouTube Channel

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