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thankful for my best friend

Thankful for My Best Friend

This Siberian Husky is thankful for her best friend, a Belgian Tervuren. And why wouldn’t she be? Everyone needs a herding breed dog as a best friend – they’re smart and loyal! Watch as these two beautiful dogs spend a…

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Get the Ball Rolling

Tennis balls will no longer be the ball of choice for your herding breed when you get the ball rolling with treibball! Check out this great video of treibball in action. Video from a Guild of Shepherds & Collies Evangelist,…

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Practice Makes Perfect

It might just be a toy pig, but they’ve got to start somewhere … and practice makes perfect, right?¬†Watch as these absolutely adorable Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppies trust their instincts and work together in their first “herding” experience. This tiny…

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Check out Geronimo – the amazing cattle dog mix who can double dutch! (I can’t even double dutch!)      

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