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cardigan welsh corgi

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Runs Agility Course

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Runs Agility Course This spirited Cardigan Welsh Corgi performs beautifully on the agility course. We enjoyed watching with anticipation and applauded his efforts with the crowd, too. Enjoy! This video is brought to you by the American…

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Clicker Training 101

What is Clicker Training? Kris Crestejo, one of our Guild Evangelists, explains clicker training and how to use positive reinforcements when training your dog. Have you used clicker training? Tell us about it – comment below!

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ACHOO! Australian Shepherd Grabs a Tissue

December is a time to think about giving and this Australian Shepherd sure knows how to give his sneezing owner what’s needed – a tissue. Watch this video to see a truly unselfish act (ok, a really cool trick).

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10 Reasons Thanksgiving - Main

10 Reasons to Invite Dogs Over for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Here are ten reasons you should not only invite your dog to the Thanksgiving feast, but also why you should be thankful they’re around on this festive day. From the Guild of All staff, we’d like to wish you all…

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turkey herding

Turkey Herding

Turkey Herding Turkey herding is an actual sport, but in this cute video, you’ll find a puppy who is eager to keep the turkeys off his side of the yard. Enjoy the video, and the laugh, as you begin to…

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herding skills morning

Herding Skills for Your Morning Routine

Mornings are a challenge, especially when you have to get the kids ready for school on time. Animal Planet brings you real-life training techniques to hone in on your herding breed dog’s natural herding instincts, helping you round up the…

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thankful for my best friend

Thankful for My Best Friend

This Siberian Husky is thankful for her best friend, a Belgian Tervuren. And why wouldn’t she be? Everyone needs a herding breed dog as a best friend – they’re smart and loyal! Watch as these two beautiful dogs spend a…

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Get the Ball Rolling

Tennis balls will no longer be the ball of choice for your herding breed when you get the ball rolling with treibball! Check out this great video of treibball in action. Video from a Guild of Shepherds & Collies Evangelist,…

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The Corgi Named King Tut

In learning about the Cardigan Welsh Corgi from Animal Planet’s informative video, we discovered “King Tut” – a lifesaving Corgi from New Jersey.  Watch the video below to learn more about this heroic breed. Also, check out this recent article…

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