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What to Expect When Adopting a Herding Breed Dog: Part 2

what to expect

Bringing Home a Rescue, Part 2
Now that you have the dog – where to start


Do You Know What to Do After Adopting a Herding Breed?

So you’ve decided to rescue a herding breed…Congratulations, you are a Saint! I truly mean this from the bottom of my heart. Herding breeds are one of the most difficult dogs to have and maintain, and many new owners lose their minds when bringing one home because they completely underestimated the challenge they can be. So the fact that you have opted to go beyond the cute puppy face (which no one can resist) and bring home an older dog, most likely having some issues, you are truly a kindhearted person, and this article is dedicated to ALL who have opened their hearts and doors to these dogs.

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Below I will outline a few main problems you may encounter when bringing home your herding rescue, and tips on how you can help them become more acquainted into your home.

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