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Kris Crestejo


First off let’s talk about how much exercise and training this dog is getting. A 5 year old Aussie/Border should be getting around 2 hours of physical exercise per day, on top of this, he should be getting bare minimum 1 hour of training/mental stimulation per day. That’s close to 3 hours per day that a working breed needs. If you don’t have a farm where the dog is working himself, you will need to supplement this dog with challenges that are appropriate.

Let’s say, you are satiating your dogs physical, mental, social and socialization needs (please watch this video ). Is your dogs life structured? Does he practice bad behaviours a lot? If he’s acting like an unruley dog then you need to do more obedience training/trick training to strengthen listening skills between him and you.

In regards to alpha – humans cannot be alpha’s to dogs, you would need to be the same species in order to have a hierarchy over the dog. This hypothesis has been debunked many times by the original scientists who came up with the hypothesis

I dont’ know why your dog is acting out aggressively towards humans, there could be a number of factors causing the aggressive outbursts. But when you say his aggressiveness goes from 1-100 in a second, that is normal for most dogs, mainly because the human isn’t watching for ALL the other signals the dog is giving BEFORE the aggression takes place. Let’s get you brushed up on Canine Body Language and go back and think if you saw anything before the aggressive outbursts? and

Management – let’s not have the dog around people, period, until you can figure out what is causing the aggression. I would highly recommend hiring a Certified Behaviour Consultant (all over the world) or hire a Applied Animal Behaviourist (PhD) Aggression cannot be assessed via online, there are too many signals we need to watch and understand before assessing properly and putting a program together.

Kris Crestejo, CDBC