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The Original American Farm Dog

The Original American Farm Dog

An incredible breed that once graced farms across America, these dogs are now so rare that most people have never even heard of them. While they share ancestors with Border Collies and Rough Collies, this breed was developed in America and is something entirely its own. This is the original American farm dog.

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Meet the English Shepherd. Not to be confused with the Old English Sheepdog! English Shepherds are the All-American, “old-time farm collie” whose history is grounded in the daily work of family farms.

Bred to be the ultimate all-around helper of the farm, English Shepherds can handle a huge variety of tasks. They utilize their unique herding style to gently, but firmly, direct any animal their farm raises. They are often instinctive hunters and can track, hunt and tree game. And finally, they have intense protective instincts towards all of their charges. Whether animal or human or territory, these dogs will defend their own.

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