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Orapup Brush

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The Orapup Brush, when used with Lickies paste, removes the odor-causing bacteria from your dog's mouth.

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Your Dog's Oral Care Made Easy


The Orapup Brush, when used with Lickies' all-natural paste, removes the odor-causing bacteria from your dog's mouth.

When Lickie's paste is applied to the Orapup Brush, your dog's natural licking tendencies will cause him to lick the brush as you hold it. Orapup has over 1,400 ultra-soft, pointed bristles that reach deep into the uneven crevices of your dog's tongue to loosen bacteria, and 4 inline scrapers which collect and remove the bacteria and residue generated from brushing.

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Using this system is easy for both you and your dog!

Directions: Squeeze approximately 1/2 teaspoon of Lickies onto the surface of the Orapup Brush bristles. Allow dog to lick for one minute, or more if you desire (some residue will remain). When finished, rinse Orapup with water and store out of reach of dog. For best results, use once daily.

Did You Know? - Orapup Info
  • The Orapup Brush was designed after a surgeon's scrub brush, specifically the bristles - the ones they use to clean bacteria from their hands before they perform surgery
  • The Orapup Brush measures 2.5" wide x 9" long. Bristle area measures 2.25" x 4"
  • We recommend replacing the Orapup every 90 days to prevent bacteria buildup
Did You Know? - Canine Dental Hygiene Facts
  • Dental disease impacts 89 percent of dogs
  • Only one in 3 pet owners provides proper dental care for his pet
  • Poor dental health can actually shorten your pet’s life

Dental Hygiene Facts from: The Lazy Pit Bull