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The Fifth Paw, Hands Free Poop Bag Carrier Leash Attachment (Tangerine)

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Being a Responsible Pet Parent Just Got Easier, Thanks to The Fifth Paw

The Fifth Paw is a hands-free poop bag carrier that attaches to most leashes and can easily hold 3 - 4 bags of poop.

Whether you're walking one dog or a pack, The Fifth Paw can handle it - allowing you to stay clean and more in-control of the leash. Simply tie a knot in your bag of dog poop and slide it into The Fifth Paw's patented rotating ring. The poop bag stays tangle free, thanks to gravity!

  • Holds Multiple Bags, While Staying Clean & Tangle Free
  • No More Smelly Pockets or Pouches
  • No more Juggling Bags of Poop, which means more control of the leash
  • Works with most flat style 0.5 -1 inch wide (thin 1 ply or thicker 2 ply) Woven/Leather/Printed/Velvet Leashes
  • Made in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Fifth Paw work with my dog’s current leash?

The Fifth Paw works great with most standard flat style leashes.
Fits medium (.5 inch wide) and large (1 inch wide) woven/velvet/print or leather leashes.
Both 1 ply or thicker 2 ply leashes.

How do I attach The Fifth Paw to my leash?
The Fifth Paw attaches to your leash in 4 simple steps:
1. Unscrew and Remove (A) holding ring & (B) rotating ring.
2. Slide leash sideways into main body (C). Fit should be snug. Thick 2-ply & leather leashes slide into thicker slot, Thin 1-ply leashes slide into thin slot.
3. Slide (B) rotating ring then (A) holding ring back in place.
4. Tighten (A) holding ring to secure.

Can I position The Fifth Paw where I want it on the leash?
You can place The Fifth Paw anywhere on the leash you like. We like it about 2 inches from handle loop, which greatly eliminates swinging.

Do I need to buy special bags?
The Fifth Paw works great with all plastic poop bags, even plastic grocery bags!

Can The Fifth Paw handle really big poops?
The Fifth Paw is Great Dane tested and easily holds 3-4 bags full bags,
in case your walking more than one dog, or have prolific poopers.

Can The Fifth Paw to hold other things?
Absolutely. The Fifth Paw can hold house keys or treat pouches while you’re out for a walk or jog with your dog, and don't forget doody bag dispensers!

Is The Fifth Paw easy to use?
Yup! Simply tie a knot in your full poop bag and slip it into one of The Fifth Paws’ clamping sections with the knot on one side and the bag on the other. Done! The Fifth Paws’ clamping ring will rotate 360º around the leash, and the bag of poop will remain pointing towards the ground thanks to gravity, staying clean and tangle-free.