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common illnesses

5 Common Illnesses of Border Collies

As a Border Collie Pet Parent, Be Aware of These Common Illnesses Ah, the Border Collie … the breed most known for their extreme intelligence and high drive. Not to mention their loyalty and high trainability, which make them excellent…

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Oh … Balls!

Any breed with prey drive has the chance of being addicted to chasing things, mainly because it satisfies that instinctual behaviour they were bred for, CHASE! Almost every single dog owner out there has tried (succeeded or failed) with teaching…

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MDR1 and Your Herding Dog

The Importance of MDR1 Testing There has long been a saying “Don’t give ivermectin to your white-legged herding dogs.” That was in place way before anyone knew why that statement was good to follow. We now know that the problem with…

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