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The Low-Down on Bones

The Low-Down on Bones Is there anything more idyllically matched than dogs and bones? Despite the age-old belief that dogs should be given these calcium-rich by-products, there is a lot of modern empirical evidence that says bones may not be…

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Winterizing Your Dog, Part 3

Winterizing Your Dog for Winter Travel If your dog is anything like mine, you have a hard time leaving the house without him. A car ride is complete bliss! Winter travel can pose a unique set of challenges for you…

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winterize your dog two

Winterizing Your Dog, Part 2

When it comes to the health of your dog, you are always willing to go above and beyond to keep your loyal friend happy and safe. This includes protecting him from unseen dangers, such as accidental poisoning. It may seem…

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winterize your dog 1

Winterizing Your Dog, Part 1

When most of us think about preparing for Winter, our thoughts turn to a new down coat, buying enough firewood (for those lucky enough to have a fireplace!) and snow tires. It’s easy to forget that our furry friends need…

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