Guild of Shepherds & Collies

Vacationing With Your Herding Dog

Vacationing With Your Herding Dog Is Easy! The phrase “The dog is man’s best friend” was popularized by beloved American poet, Ogden Nash, in his poem, ‘An Introduction to Dogs’. That statement rings so true when you share your heart…

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collie with sass

The Lesser Known Collie with Sass

The Smooth Coat Collie is a Collie with Sass Collies are the epitome of the All-American family dog. Their unique blend of pleasant temperament, high intelligence, awe-inspiring loyalty, and striking coloring make them a great all-around dog. The Smooth Coat Collie, though…

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clinical depression

Clinical Depression in Herding Breed Dogs

  Herding Breeds are at Risk for Clinical Depression – Know the Signs, Symptoms and Treatment Options Depression doesn’t discriminate when it comes to your capable canine companions. When you think about depression affecting dogs, you typically wouldn’t  think ‘herding…

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