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Can Dogs Really Talk With Buttons?

An Analysis of the Effectiveness: Paws, Buttons, and Canine Conversations The trend of teaching dogs to communicate using buttons has caught the internet by storm. Each button is labeled with a word, and when pressed by the pet, it vocalizes…

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Does Punishing A Dog Really Work?

There are many trainers in the world that are punishment-based, meaning punishment makes up the majority of their training techniques. Then there are balanced trainers who use punishment and positive reinforcement to train dogs, meaning they’ll use a correction (verbal…

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building an incredible athlete

Building an Incredible Athlete

Majority of the population are under the assumption that to have a well-behaved dog you need to just exercise the &#$% out of him or her and they will be so tired that they can’t practice bad/negative behaviours. True….. to…

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