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common illnesses

5 Common Illnesses of Border Collies

As a Border Collie Pet Parent, Be Aware of These Common Illnesses Ah, the Border Collie … the breed most known for their extreme intelligence and high drive. Not to mention their loyalty and high trainability, which make them excellent…

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clinical depression

Clinical Depression in Herding Breed Dogs

  Herding Breeds are at Risk for Clinical Depression – Know the Signs, Symptoms and Treatment Options Depression doesn’t discriminate when it comes to your capable canine companions. When you think about depression affecting dogs, you typically wouldn’t  think ‘herding…

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The Low-Down on Bones

The Low-Down on Bones Is there anything more idyllically matched than dogs and bones? Despite the age-old belief that dogs should be given these calcium-rich by-products, there is a lot of modern empirical evidence that says bones may not be…

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