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10 Simple Tips to Prevent Dog Bites

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10 Simple Tips to Prevent Dog Bites

Besides the pool and the beach, summertime is also the time, unfortunately, for dog bites. The hot weather, combined with active get-togethers, create the perfect combination for accidents waiting to happen ... in the form of dog bites. Herding dogs are known to nip, as this is an instinctual herding breed behavior that is typically well-controlled in working dogs, through their training. This is most often harmless behavior, but can become a problem if aggression is involved.  

Naturally, children are more prone to being bitten by dogs - largely due to age or ignorance, as not all of them know the proper way to behave around dogs.

Below are 10 tips you and your children must know before approaching and playing with herding breed dogs (and all dogs), especially in the summertime.

  1. Dogs get overheated and cranky ... just like us

Sometimes they don’t need to be around people. Owners can do them a favor by keeping them away from people during family get-togethers and barbecues.

  1. Supervision, supervision, supervision!

Kids, particularly younger children, need to be watched when playing with dogs. Babies and toddlers don’t always know that a dog is not a toy.

  1. Never approach unfamiliar dogs

One can never tell if a dog is friendly or not, so children should learn from an early age not to approach a dog they do not know. Also, children should never approach herding dogs when they are working.

  1. Monitor hugs and cuddles

A child may look like he is trying to show his love for a dog, but the pooch may interpret that affection as harmful and will protect himself.

  1. Do not go after a dog that does not want to be around you

If the dog retreats from you, let her be. Teach your children to let the dog have some peace.

  1. Never hit, kick, punch, or tease any dog

From babyhood, children need to be taught how to treat a dog. Typical kid behavior such as screaming, pushing, and pulling will surely provoke even the kindest of dogs to lash out.

  1. Do not approach a sleeping dog

It’s best for children to let sleeping dogs lie, in this case.

  1. Never blow in the face of a dog or stare at them very close up

This behavior might seem innocent, but it may rouse dogs or agitate them, and you don’t want to chance that.

  1. Never take a dog’s food or toys away

You should never take food or toys away, as this could cause the dog to become aggressive.

  1. Give dogs some (quiet, cool) space

Sometimes, the absolute best thing an owner can do is placing their dog in an air-conditioned room by himself during parties or gatherings. This especially applies to senior dogs that cannot handle the noise and chaos.


No one wants to see any child or adult get bitten, and it is often the preventative measures that keep family and friends (and your dog) safe and happy… and on the road to enjoying a wonderful summer!

Article By:
Danielle Sullivan



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