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10 Simple Tips to Prevent Dog Bites

  10 Simple Tips to Prevent Dog Bites Besides the pool and the beach, summertime is also the time, unfortunately, for dog bites. The hot weather, combined with active get-togethers, create the perfect combination for accidents waiting to happen … in…

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signs of cancer

10 Signs of Cancer in Dogs

Are You Able to Spot the Early Warning Signs of Cancer in Your Dog? It’s every owner’s worst fear – your dog is getting on in years and slowing down. You’ve heard stories or perhaps had other pets that were…

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8 foods herding breeds should not eat

8 Foods Herding Breeds Should Not Eat

Herding breed dogs are a very distinct type of canine. Built to work alongside humans and sustain a full workday, these dogs need optimal nutrition. All dogs need the six basic nutrients: water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. However,…

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8 Doggy Tail Wags

Dogs are naturally expressive creatures, and that’s partly why they make such wonderful companions. From the way they bark, growl or hold their heads, you can pretty much judge how they are feeling or even sometimes, what mood they are…

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