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Bride-to-Be Planning Corgi-Filled “Dream Wedding”

When most people plan their dream wedding, they focus on a dress, a venue or a caterer.

For one bride-to-be in Boston, the focus was on corgis. Lots and lots of corgis.

The woman took to Craiglist to find six corgis (in addition to what we can only assume are her own corgis) that could be rented for her wedding. As you can see from her ad below, this woman’s dream involves swapping out bouquets of flowers for corgis.


This next April, I will be getting married to the man of my dreams and we will be having the most wonderful storybook wedding that Allentown, PA has ever seen. The icing on the cake is sweet, but there's one thing that would be even sweeter than that. Traditionally, bridesmaids' hold bouquets; in our wedding, I want them to hold corgis.

Unfortunately, I do not have enough corgis for my bridesmaids. I require six more in order to make this dream come true. I'm looking to rent six corgis for roughly two and a half hours during the ceremony. Because this a my dream wedding, price is negotiable and I appreciate your understanding. Please reach out to me if you have six sociable corgis which you would be willing to rent out. These animals would be treated perfectly, and I would love to get us all together to familiarize ourselves with each other.

In addition to pay, I would be happy to also share some cake with you.

We love the idea of a corgi wedding, though we wonder how tired the bridesmaids’ arms will be after holding a dog for the duration of the ceremony.

Did you incorporate corgis (or any other dogs) into your wedding? Did your dog behave during the ceremony? Let us know! You can sign up to our email list and reach out. We love to hear about things like this!


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