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Can Dogs Really Talk With Buttons?

An Analysis of the Effectiveness: Paws, Buttons, and Canine Conversations The trend of teaching dogs to communicate using buttons has caught the internet by storm. Each button is labeled with a word, and when pressed by the pet, it vocalizes…

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Does Punishing A Dog Really Work?

There are many trainers in the world that are punishment-based, meaning punishment makes up the majority of their training techniques. Then there are balanced trainers who use punishment and positive reinforcement to train dogs, meaning they’ll use a correction (verbal…

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building an incredible athlete

Building an Incredible Athlete

Majority of the population are under the assumption that to have a well-behaved dog you need to just exercise the &#$% out of him or her and they will be so tired that they can’t practice bad/negative behaviours. True….. to…

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seventy five twenty five

Seventy Five Twenty Five

Seventy Five Twenty Five: Keeping Your Dog on Track Herding breeds are unlike any other dog breed, for specific reasons. They’re bred: to be sensitive to work extremely close with the handler to be smart and use independent thinking  …

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RECALLS – Coming When Called

RECALLS – Coming When Called   The majority of “complaints” I get from dog owners is regarding “come when called”, also known as recall. The dog won’t come period, or the dog only comes when he wants to or feels…

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get a grip

Get a Grip on Christmas

Getting a Grip on Christmas with Your Dog   Every holiday season, it’s a tradition to invite family and friends over to have a feast, drink, have a good time, tell stories and laugh. We, as humans, anticipate these special…

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Clicker Training 101

What is Clicker Training? Kris Crestejo, one of our Guild Evangelists, explains clicker training and how to use positive reinforcements when training your dog. Have you used clicker training? Tell us about it! You can join our email list and…

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Oh … Balls!

Any breed with prey drive has the chance of being addicted to chasing things, mainly because it satisfies that instinctual behaviour they were bred for, CHASE! Almost every single dog owner out there has tried (succeeded or failed) with teaching…

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