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border collie collapse

When Your Dog Collapses

Border Collie Collapse Syndrome The awe-inspiring energy of the Border Collie is often described as spirited, tenacious, and even relentless.  If you are a typical Border Collie owner, your daily routine probably includes work, sleep and exercising your dog. But…

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building an incredible athlete

Building an Incredible Athlete

Majority of the population are under the assumption that to have a well-behaved dog you need to just exercise the &#$% out of him or her and they will be so tired that they can’t practice bad/negative behaviours. True….. to…

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Border Collie

Old Hemp: Grandfather of Border Collies

Old Hemp: Grandfather of Border Collies Defined by its working style, the Border Collie is a sleek combination of rough-and-ready energy, keen focus and an amiable temperament. This breed is the quintessential herding dog. Man’s reliance on the dog traces…

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