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When Your Dog Collapses

border collie collapse

Border Collie Collapse Syndrome

The awe-inspiring energy of the Border Collie is often described as spirited, tenacious, and even relentless.  If you are a typical Border Collie owner, your daily routine probably includes work, sleep and exercising your dog. But for dogs with Border Collie Collapse syndrome, this routine may be cut short just minutes into a workout - when your dog collapses.

What is Border Collie Collapse Syndrome?

Border Collie Collapse (BCC) is a nervous system disorder that occurs in response to exercise. Based on appearance and energy levels, dogs with BCC and healthy dogs act exactly the same—eager to run all morning and afternoon and finish with a 5-mile jaunt around the neighborhood. It is not until an incident occurs, usually immediately into intense exercise, that the syndrome reveals itself.  Herding, agility and ball-catching are three activities that usually trigger BCC.  In as little as 5 minutes, your highly attentive dog may become dazed, confused, and unfocused. Mental disorientation, very uncommon in a dog many consider to be “the smartest dog on earth,” may either be very obvious to the owner or so slight that it goes unnoticed.

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