Guild of Shepherds & Collies
keeping it clean

Keeping It Clean

Coat Care for Long-Haired Herding Breed Dogs   Phoebe lives on a working Wisconsin farm with her family, Jesse and Leesa Schlimgen, and their boys, Levi and Lucas. Phoebe is a tri-colored Rough Collie who works alongside her owners to…

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coat care collies

Coat Care for Collies

  Rough Collies are easily identified by their long, sleek coats, but anyone who has ever had a collie of their own knows that the beautiful fur that represents Lassie-like nostalgia doesn’t come easily. Collie owners need to adopt proactive…

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winterize your dog 1

Winterizing Your Dog, Part 1

When most of us think about preparing for Winter, our thoughts turn to a new down coat, buying enough firewood (for those lucky enough to have a fireplace!) and snow tires. It’s easy to forget that our furry friends need…

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