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coat care collies

Coat Care for Collies

  Rough Collies are easily identified by their long, sleek coats, but anyone who has ever had a collie of their own knows that the beautiful fur that represents Lassie-like nostalgia doesn’t come easily. Collie owners need to adopt proactive…

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A Heart Wrapped in Fur

  Meet the Briard. Find out why this handsome, dignified breed is described as “a heart wrapped in fur.”   The rugged, shaggy Briard, also known as the Chien Berger de Brie, has long been used in France as a sheepherder…

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herding skills morning

Herding Skills for Your Morning Routine

Mornings are a challenge, especially when you have to get the kids ready for school on time. Animal Planet brings you real-life training techniques to hone in on your herding breed dog’s natural herding instincts, helping you round up the…

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thankful for my best friend

Thankful for My Best Friend

This Siberian Husky is thankful for her best friend, a Belgian Tervuren. And why wouldn’t she be? Everyone needs a herding breed dog as a best friend – they’re smart and loyal! Watch as these two beautiful dogs spend a…

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Get the Ball Rolling

Tennis balls will no longer be the ball of choice for your herding breed when you get the ball rolling with treibball! Check out this great video of treibball in action. Video from a Guild of Shepherds & Collies Evangelist,…

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Train Your Herding Breed: The Basics

After obedience training, there are many fun tasks that can be utilized to train your herding breed. Knowing your breed’s exercise needs will help you and your dog achieve not only lasting success, but also enhance the bond you share while…

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