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Strengthen the Bond: How to Develop an even Closer Relationship with Your Dog

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Discover New Ways to Strengthen the Bond You Have with Your Dog

Our history with dogs is long and extensive. Many scientists and historians believe that our connection with dogs began approximately 30,000 years ago, while many researchers believe that dogs were a part of our lives even long before we domesticated cattle, sheep, or goats. Not only did dogs and humans began sharing space and activities in ancient times, but we also have evolved parallel to the canine species throughout history. As a result, we have an opportunity to not only form a very strong bond with our dogs, but also strengthen the bond we already have.

But, why is a strong bond so important?

Communication between Dogs and Humans

Much of our time spent with dogs involves communication. Believe it or not, you are communicating with your dog through both verbal and nonverbal communication. That's right, due to our extensive history together, dogs can read our facial expressions. Additionally, many dogs understand hand signals or other cues in your body language.

Dogs are smart, and our ability to hone that intelligence through effective communication can greatly affect their overall behavior, and ultimately, can reinforce our bond.

Think about it. Have you ever had a friend who had a dog that was so well behaved? When that person communicates with their dog, do the signals seem clear and well understood by both parties?

More than likely, the answer is yes! Forming a strong bond with your dog can improve your communication, and improving your communication can improve your bond. Very powerful.

Two-Way Emotional Support

I am an emotional movie watcher; if the movie is sad, I will inevitably start crying. If I am watching a movie at home and I start to cry, Rooney will always run to my side and begin licking my tears. For ages, scientists debated whether or not dogs had emotions, and what those emotions meant for our bond. For me, Rooney’s behavior has supported recent evidence that dogs indeed have and understand many human emotions. On a very basic level, Rooney knows that I am sad, and he knows that he needs to comfort me.

The best part about a human-animal bond is that the connection goes both ways. I, too, know when Rooney is stressed or sad based on his behavior, and I, therefore, know that I need to comfort him and be near him.

Many people understand that having a dog is wonderful, but having a dog that understands you, and you understand them, is powerful beyond words.

Do You Feel You Could Strengthen the Bond with Your Dog?

If you would like to achieve a stronger bond with your dog, here are a few things you can do:

1) Spend more time together

You could either play with them or exercise them. Whenever you are giving your dog their required exercise and mental stimulation, you are providing for them, and this is a form of love.

2) Be the person that feeds them

By being the person who provides them with their basic nutritional requirements, you are showing them that you care. Be careful not to mistake food for love, but rather understand that the action of providing healthy, daily meals can strengthen your bond.

3) Train them

Training your dog provides them with mental stimulation, and it gives you an opportunity to improve your communication skills. Remember to stay positive with your training techniques, as negative reinforcement can damage a human-animal bond.

4) Integrate them into your daily activities

Could you walk your dog on your lunch break? If you have a long commute like me, could you bring your dog to a dog daycare or pet boarding facility near work and spend time traveling together? If not, you always have the option to leave them to professional who can temporarily care for your pet.

Be creative! Your dog will appreciate any extra time spent together.

Finally, the stronger the bond is with between you and your dog, the better you can communicate and emotionally integrate them into your life.


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