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building an incredible athlete

Building an Incredible Athlete

Majority of the population are under the assumption that to have a well-behaved dog you need to just exercise the &#$% out of him or her and they will be so tired that they can’t practice bad/negative behaviours. True….. to…

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Cool Down Is Important, Too!

You carefully warmed up your enthusiastic herding dog, competed successfully, and now you can relax and cheer on your friends after putting your dog in his crate with a bucket of water and a fan.  Well, not quite so fast….

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seventy five twenty five

Seventy Five Twenty Five

Seventy Five Twenty Five: Keeping Your Dog on Track Herding breeds are unlike any other dog breed, for specific reasons. They’re bred: to be sensitive to work extremely close with the handler to be smart and use independent thinking  …

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8 foods herding breeds should not eat

8 Foods Herding Breeds Should Not Eat

Herding breed dogs are a very distinct type of canine. Built to work alongside humans and sustain a full workday, these dogs need optimal nutrition. All dogs need the six basic nutrients: water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. However,…

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