Guild of Shepherds & Collies

Cool Down Is Important, Too!

You carefully warmed up your enthusiastic herding dog, competed successfully, and now you can relax and cheer on your friends after putting your dog in his crate with a bucket of water and a fan.  Well, not quite so fast….

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Oh … Balls!

Any breed with prey drive has the chance of being addicted to chasing things, mainly because it satisfies that instinctual behaviour they were bred for, CHASE! Almost every single dog owner out there has tried (succeeded or failed) with teaching…

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herding dog healthy

Keeping Your Herding Dog Healthy

Just like humans, herding dogs need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Coincidentally, how you maintain your livestock affects your herding dog’s health. A horse infected with parasites is likely to spread the bloodsuckers to your dog, or a healthy sheep…

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Train Your Herding Breed: The Basics

After obedience training, there are many fun tasks that can be utilized to train your herding breed. Knowing your breed’s exercise needs will help you and your dog achieve not only lasting success, but also enhance the bond you share while…

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5 Ways to Entertain your Aussie

Australian Shepherds are incredibly agile and intelligent – sometimes too much for their own good. My first Aussie, who I now share my life with, came to me when she was around a year old. She was a terror. She…

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5 Signs of Hip Dysplasia

Signs of hip dysplasia can be subtle. However, hip dysplasia is an affliction, which can affect several herding breeds. That’s why, as pet parents, we need to be aware of changes in our dog’s behavior in order to help them…

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