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dancing herding dogs

Dancing Herding Dogs

Produced by JibJab, these dancing herding dogs wish you a Merry Christmas! We all love a good JibJab video – they’re hilariously creepy and the dancing elves have all the right moves. We found this video of dancing herding dogs…

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dog ears

The Ears Are On It

When it comes to herding breed dogs, ear shape and placement can vary dramatically. What does not vary, however, is how those ears are tuned-in to each and every sound that might affect their flock – including their “human” flock….

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5 Signs of Hip Dysplasia

Signs of hip dysplasia can be subtle. However, hip dysplasia is an affliction, which can affect several herding breeds. That’s why, as pet parents, we need to be aware of changes in our dog’s behavior in order to help them…

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MDR1 and Your Herding Dog

The Importance of MDR1 Testing There has long been a saying “Don’t give ivermectin to your white-legged herding dogs.” That was in place way before anyone knew why that statement was good to follow. We now know that the problem with…

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