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Sheltie Returns Home After Six Years Thanks to Microchip

  Shetland Sheepdog, Adopted by Loving Family, Unknowingly Holds Former Owner’s Information in Microchip A few months ago, a Las Vegas family unexpectedly got the best – and most surprising – holiday present ever when they were reunited with their Shetland…

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Does Punishing A Dog Really Work?

There are many trainers in the world that are punishment-based, meaning punishment makes up the majority of their training techniques. Then there are balanced trainers who use punishment and positive reinforcement to train dogs, meaning they’ll use a correction (verbal…

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collie with sass

The Lesser Known Collie with Sass

The Smooth Coat Collie is a Collie with Sass Collies are the epitome of the All-American family dog. Their unique blend of pleasant temperament, high intelligence, awe-inspiring loyalty, and striking coloring make them a great all-around dog. The Smooth Coat Collie, though…

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