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common illnesses

5 Common Illnesses of Border Collies

As a Border Collie Pet Parent, Be Aware of These Common Illnesses Ah, the Border Collie … the breed most known for their extreme intelligence and high drive. Not to mention their loyalty and high trainability, which make them excellent…

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signs of cancer

10 Signs of Cancer in Dogs

Are You Able to Spot the Early Warning Signs of Cancer in Your Dog? It’s every owner’s worst fear – your dog is getting on in years and slowing down. You’ve heard stories or perhaps had other pets that were…

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border collie rises above

Border Collie Rises Above and Enjoys Life

Roosevelt, a Border Collie born in 2009, was born with malformed front paws which are unusable and a crooked spine, but that didn’t stop him from living life to its fullest. Roosevelt enjoyed skiing and playing in the snow each…

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